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Kennedy assassination. September 24, February 24, Published in Redbook , collected in Bagombo Snuff Box. April 21, April 28, December 22, December 16, Published in Cosmopolitan , adapted in for a short film titled Next Door , and, in , adapted in the first episode of the television series Kurt Vonnegut's Monkey House. November 23, October 25, Published in Cosmopolitan , revised and collected in Bagombo Snuff Box. February 11, April 15, Published in Argosy , collected in Bagombo Snuff Box.

September 2, August 18, March 14, Published in Playboy , collected in Welcome to the Monkey House.

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September 26, Address to P. Conference in Stockholm, September 12, Published in The Montreal Gazette.

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December 23, Author's Note to Bluebeard. Author's Note to Man Without a Country. Published in The New York Times. January 4, Obituary for his brother, published in The New York Times. Published in American Film. February 28, March 24, April 14, Mal walked soft past the door, not hindering Book from his quiet prayer. He couldn't see how just asking for peace and health on Serenity would ever get anybody anywhere, but that was Book's business. If asking the almighty for assistance was what kept the Shepherd as one of the best shots, and undoubtedly the best peace-maker, aboard Serenity, then he was welcome to it.

Mal walked past, Book's words of soft prayer washing over him peacefully, no matter that he couldn't make out what they were.

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He had no doubt that if he had needed something, Simon would have been in the infirmary inside a minute. Wasn't as if Mal had even made much noise, but Simon slept lightly, making sure that he could be alert quick enough to deal with the numerous scrapes the crew got into, as well as his sister's night terrors. It was something of a pity that Mal had witnessed Simon's sharp transition from sleep to wakefulness, for both reasons, a good few times. Still, there was something heartening about Simon's preparedness. And, speaking of Simon's sister, where was that girl?

Mal peered into her bunk as quietly as he could, not wanting to wake either of the Tams again. No River. He walked back towards the cockpit. River wasn't exactly known for her ability to stay in bed all night, but he hadn't passed her on the way down here. Not like she could get anywhere, and she was calm enough often enough now that he didn't fear for the ship. But he liked to know where everyone was. He'd feel better if he knew she was safe and accounted for. He found her in the pilot's seat, singing to the stars.


That same song again. Now he really wasn't going to be able to get it out of his head.

She turned to him, and this time he heard the words. She watched him pointedly as he took her paper decoration out of his pocket. Not deformed after all. You ain't asleep, so I guess that makes you an angel too. And a cold one by the looks of it. C'mon Gabriel, lets get you some tea to warm you up. Don't see no reason why we can't do it backwards as well. She tilted her head consideringly, and smiled.

Spreading her arms like wings, she took off down the corridor. Mal followed her more sedately, humming to himself. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Firefly. Mal might not be able to muster the appropriate holiday spirit, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. Premovie, so no spoilers. Gen Mal POV on his crew.

If one of these bits of frippery falls into my engine and clogs it up, I'm holding you responsible. Hail, sacred truth!

While Mortals Sleep: Songs in the Night Book 1

O how I love thy holy law! How shall the young secure their hearts, And guard their lives from sin? Thy word the choicest rules imparts To keep the conscience clean.

That holy book shall guide our youth And well support our age. Word of the everlasting God. Lamp of our feet!

True manna from on high! Our guide and chart! When waves would whelm our tossing bark, Our anchor and our stay! Will of his glorious Son! Without thee how could earth be trod, Or heaven itself be won?

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  • Songs in the Night: While Mortals Sleep Vol. 1 by Jack Cavanaugh (2001, Paperback).
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  • O Lord, thy precepts I survey: I keep thy law in sight, Through all the business of the day, To form my actions right. O Lord, thy perfect word Directs our steps aright; Nor can all other books afford Such profit or delight. The books of nature and Scripture. My Bible. My Bible! Precious treasure! Precious treasure thou art mine! Book of grace.

    Book of grace, and book of glory! Gift of God to age and youth; Wondrous in thy sacred story, Bright, bright with truth. The word more precious than gold. Precious Bible! The family Bible. How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Of youthful connections and innocent joy, When blessed with parental advice and affection, Surrounded with mercies—with peace from on high! Great is the Lord. Praise ye the Lord! Eternity of God. Ere mountains reared their forms sublime, Or heaven and earth in order stood— Before the birth of ancient time, From everlasting thou art God.

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    Omnipresence of God. Father of spirits! Jehovah reigns; his throne is high; His robes are light and majesty; His glory shines with beams so bright No mortal can sustain the sight. His truth and promise seal the grace. Then let my songs with angels join; Heaven is secure, if God be mine. With one consent let all the earth To God their cheerful voices raise; Glad homage pay, with awful mirth, And sing before him songs of praise:. Thy depth would every heart appall, That saw not love supreme in thee. Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord!

    What lives and moves, lives by thy word; It lives, and moves, and is, from thee! What our dim eyes could never see, Is plain and naked in thy sight; What thickest darkness vails, to thee Shines clearly as the morning light. And to thy love and ceaseless care, Father!