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Happy reading! Feb 26, TJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads. King's Blood picks up where King's Folly left off. The survivors of the Five Woes are on ships in search of land to settle in and make their new home. The book was filled with intrigue, mystery, and determination as the characters decide who they will follow both in terms of the gods they will follow but also the human leader that they trust.

It is a book about having faith when the odds are against you. I loved the plot twists and turns. Nothing was predictable. The characters were also well de King's Blood picks up where King's Folly left off. The characters were also well developed. I loved some and hated others. I cheered for some and yelled at others.

If you like fantasy, you will enjoy this book. I would suggest reading King's Folly first and be ready for a long journey with these characters as the books are on the longer side. I am looking forward to the third book in this series already.

Feb 22, Julie Fugate rated it it was amazing. High Stakes Adventure!

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Lives hanging in the balance, giants and sea monsters are a few things to keep you staying up late at night. Also intriguing characters galore. Now I have my favorites but all of them were interesting. With such an intricate plot the multiple POVs were awesome in understanding the bigger picture without spoiling some surprising twists. Nov 13, Eric Starr rated it liked it. A fitting sequel to King's Folly, I slightly preferred the first one, though this one stays true to the overall feel of the series so far. Keep in mind that I tend not to prefer the "seafaring" entry in any series, so I was a bit biased from the start.

Still, I must admit I did enjoy it. Picking up where the first one left off, the kingdoms are now at sea, sailing to a promised land while facing perils both in and out of the water. While Sar Wilek struggles to keep his people alive, he must also A fitting sequel to King's Folly, I slightly preferred the first one, though this one stays true to the overall feel of the series so far. While Sar Wilek struggles to keep his people alive, he must also deal with his father's debilitating health and sanity , all while encouraging the one-god Armanian faith to his polytheistic people.

Add a series of pregnancies, sea monsters, storms, mutiny, magic, and weddings to the mix, along with many returning characters Trevn, Kalenek, Mielle, Zeroah, and Charlon, to name a few and you have another welcome addition to The Kinsman Chronicles. For my praise of the book, I will start with how it focused a bit more on the Armanian faith.

The Land of the Silver Apples

We get a slightly better idea not only of how the faith works, but also how the other faiths such as the shadir play a part in that religion ex: So if there is one God, what are these other spirits? It isn't simply spelled out, but the characters draw conclusions that help the reader better understand what is going on. The characters themselves are probably one of the biggest reasons I enjoy this series.

For books that have such a cast I constantly have to review in my head to tell who is who, I do greatly enjoy following the main characters along in their adventures. Willek, Trevn, Kalenek, and Hinck are some of my favorite characters to follow, perhaps because many of them get into the most trouble. Each of their unique personalities caries over from the first, now thrown into seafaring circumstances and new dangers every step of the way.

Jill Williamson does a grand job at seeing that they each have their own voice.

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I would also add to my praises the clever use of the villains, a series of unexpected yet fitting deaths, effective introductions of new characters, and twists on how the magic in the books works. Many of my hopes for the characters were also realized. As for my critiques, I will try to set aside any of my prejudices against seafaring adventures in fantasy stories. With that being said, I would like to simply say that, like the first book before it, this one does tend to suffer in my mind from too many characters with too confusing of names.

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Smartly, the author keeps a list of the cast in the front, though not every character is listed and, sometimes, even the brief descriptions of the players does not always remind me where they fit in the story so far. To even melt a few named servants into the background simply as "servants" might simplify a fair deal. Also, as with the first one, some characters hold titles that I could not identify through research.

Perhaps I wasn't looking in the right places, but titles such as "Backman" and "Onesent" made little sense to me and, even as I read, I could never pinpoint exactly what their function was. I attempted to look these phrases up elsewhere, but could find nothing. If a creation by the author, I give her credit for her creativity I will briefly add that there were a few instances where I found myself wondering how a character with "X"-amount of power could have so much trouble getting out of a certain situation, and we do seem to zoom in a bit closer on some more annoying characters who played smaller roles in the past.

Overall, I did enjoy it, in some ways better than the first though, in truth, I believe I still preferred that one more. The seafaring wasn't my favorite, though to her credit the author takes great pains to ensure the nautical terminology is used properly. Some characters have grown exceptionally more impressive and admirable whether already likable or not while others seem to get worse.

I thought of the first book as a sort of Christian Game of Thrones, and this second book follows suit. It is a good read, and each chapter is so brief that you simply have to read another The characters can really make or break the story, and despite some of the confusing nature of the world the author's creativity continues to blossom. If you liked the first one and wanted to read on Jun 12, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: blog , It is the third book in the series, so I figure I probably need to read the first two, amirite?!

However, once Mielle asks Trevn to receive her necklace, the real Lady Zeroah is found. But is it too late for the Armanians? Has Charlon achieved her goal? Meanwhile, Trevn and Mielle are cute as always.

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I really admire Trevn and his mission to understand the functions of the ship, to be just like you and me. And he is just so respectful of Mielle and it is so apparent how much he really adores her heart eyes smiley. Wilek is tasked with taking over authority as the King's sickness worsens. But will this just put him in more danger?

Gentlemen, get your tuxes! Ladies, put on your dresses! A royal wedding is about to happen! And then What will happen with Charlon? Is she pregnant? Will most of the ships make it to land before the serpents destroy them all? Multiple births and more on the way. So much deception. And so many deaths. Mreegan and the mantics now have the "Deliverer".

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Traitors loom on all sides. Five realms, one leader Poor Hinck! He literally got the short end of the stick.

Always doing things to help others, he is also punished worse and worse each time. Rogedoth is on his trail that he is a traitor and Wilek's spy. What lengths will he go to in order to keep his secret? Will his family ever learn the truth?

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Will him and Pia she is my favorite ever be together? Land ho! The chapter ends with both the Armanians' and Rogedoth's ships ready to step ashore this unknown land. Where is Mielle? What will happen with the "Deliverer"? Did the ships land on the same island? Is war looming?

And being special is a blessing. But with a adolescent body and a child's brain, he doesn't see the consequences of his immature actions. Will this lead to trouble down the road, or worse, death? Trevn seeks to find his lost bride. Along the way, he encounters giants. But which side do the giants' alliances lay? Our beloved Wilek is declared king and announces his loyalties to one god, Arman. How will his people react: will they follow or choose to abandon his rule?

And was his wife and baby poisoned? Who is behind all of this? Charlon, "Mother", gives free reign to Shanek, the "Deliverer".

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