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New cover art and three new ish titles. I decided that it was time to refresh some of my cover art and also change some of the titles. I also just finished Dead Meat, a new installment in the Brookridge series. The story features a lot of familiar faces from previous installments.

So without further ado, here are the covers. More details on what lies between them you will find on the Books page, along w. Dead Meat. Mayor McCrady wants to put Brookridge on the map, so he concocts a plan to bring the body of Vladimir Lenin to Brookridge, and star the dead Russian as the lead in a major feature film. So he turns to Bart Ganglion, local cop, to impersonate world-renowned zombie schlockmeister Bort Bemberg.

Something Hairy and scary! This Way Comes.

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Just in time for Halloween, my new story is now available. But they like her. A lot! Becky Brown has a problem. The worst part? You might wonder what it is, exactly? Just like an old-fashioned typewriter but more advanced. What I like most about is what it cannot do.

It cannot connect to the internet. Cover Art. These are the covers for the paperback versions of my latest batch of books. The images are from Depositphotos and the work was done in Photoshop and InDesign. Took me a long time to get the logo right but I think it looks really nice now.


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Two of these titles were ready in August but I kept postponing publication because I was a bit nervous about doing the covers. And while I was at it, I also made a new cover photo for Twitter and Facebook. First Post. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime.

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Books By Jos Van Brussel. Dead Meat Brookridge Book 5 Jan 19, The Book of Ghosts Scaredykids 3 Sep 26, My Best Bud is a Bot! Scaredykids 2 Sep 26, Playing Ball Brookridge Book 3 Jan 10, Splitting Hairs Brookridge Book 2 Jan 10, Holy Spy! Brookridge Book 1 Jan 10, Out of Print--Limited Availability.

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More Information. Anything else?

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Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. Her sleuthing takes her from the sun-drenched beaches of Saint-Tropez to the cafes and backstreets of Arles, across lavender fields and stunning medieval ruins and straight into the evil hands of her most diabolical adversary yet. And can she do it without paying the ultimate price herself? Each book in this series has been just delicious!

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The characters are so well-developed you could read any of the books and know what happened earlier—but treat yourself and start from book 1 and enjoy your way through the series. Murder in Nice was the cherry on top of the cupcake. She continues to put herself in dangerous and scary situations, all in the name of finding the culprit and easing the burden of the family members of the deceased….. Her wonderful and hunky husband, Laurent, should be cloned! When a dead body swan-dives from a balcony into the pool at a wedding, gossip comes to a halt about disgraced paralegal and former rodeo queen Emily—whose husband left her for a woman who turns out to be a man.

Enter Jack, a secretive attorney and sexy mix of cowboy and Indian. She refuses to work for him, until she learns about the disappearance of the six-year old daughter of his notorious client Sofia, the wedding shooter, who is also an illegal immigrant. Emily feels a strange affinity with the girl and launches a desperate search for her. Bodies pile up in her wake across Texas and New Mexico as the walls around her own secrets begin to crumble, and the authorities question whether the child is anything but a figment of her imagination.

A former attorney and native Texan from Amarillo who spent ten years in the Caribbean, Pamela splits her time between Houston and a little place called Nowheresville. Hutchins has done it again! Another homicide has rocked the small town of Fallsburg, NY. In a cabin nestled deep in the woods two male victims are discovered,both gun shot victims.

One is deceased the other one is barely alive. But it is not the murder itself that has detectives Jean Whitley and her new partner Marty Keal frantic to find out the answers of what occurred in that cabin, but it is the identities of the two small children also found at the scene.

One child is quickly identified but the other a young boy remains a mystery. The only one with possible answers lies with the man who lay critically wounded and unconscious in the hospital because the unidentified boy either can not or will not speak to tell the investigators who he is and what happened in that cabin that left one man dead and another barely hanging on ….

Stolen is a mystery by Dawn Kopman Whidden. When hunters find male victims with gunshot wounds and two traumatised children at a remote cabin, homicide detectives Jean Whitley and her partner Marty Keal are shocked by the things their investigation uncovers. Evidence found at the cabin reveals children were abducted from their families and abused. This hits close to home as detective Keal remembers a missing boy from his childhood days.

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Stolen is a suspenseful mystery, and Dawn Kopman Whidden aroused my curiosity with its great beginning. The story is interesting, realistic and a bit emotional due to the chilling nature of the plot. Dawn Kopman Whidden nicely extracts the confusing emotions and thoughts of the characters, and they were convincing in a natural surrounding. Her writing form is fluent and unforced, and I am very impressed with the creative abilities of this author. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good who-done-it, set in a picturesque environment with believable characters.

Old houses have their own history-bad and good. What would you do if, while you were renovating an old house, you found an intriguing mystery, even if it was years old? If you had a chance of solving that mystery, would you? Or would you leave it buried in the past? Would you want someone digging in your past, your tragedies? If someone you loved just disappeared, what would you do?