Law, Religious Freedoms and Education in Europe (Cultural Diversity and Law)

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Constant — regarded On Religion, worked on over the course of many years, as perhaps his most important…. Marsden Eerdmans While Americans still profess to be one of the most religious people in the industrialized world, many aspects of American culture have long been secular and materialistic.

That is just one of the many paradoxes, contradictions, and surprises in the relationship between Christianity and American culture. In this book George Marsden, a leading historian of American Christianity…. Cambridge University Press Academic This volume examines clashes over religious liberty within the personal realm of the family. Against swirling religious beliefs, secular values, and legal regulation, this volume offers a forward-looking examination…. Copyrighting God provides the first detailed account of how American religious organizations used copyright in sacred texts not simply for economic gain but also for social organization and control.

The right of Americans to voice their beliefs without government approval or oversight is protected under what may well be the most honored and least understood addendum to the US Constitution—the First Amendment. Floyd Abrams, a noted lawyer and award-winning legal scholar specializing in First Amendment issues, examines the degree to which American law protects free speech…. Confusion about the differences between the Council of Europe the parent body of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Union is commonplace amongst the general public. It even affects some lawyers, jurists, social scientists and students.

I. Background and Context

This book will…. Exemptions from legal requirements, especially religious exemptions, have been a major topic of political debate in recent years. Rival understandings of the meaning and practice of the religious and the secular lead to rival public perspectives about religion and religious freedom in North America.

Religion and Law Consortium

The global persecution of Christians is an urgent human rights issue that remains underreported. This volume presents the results of the first systematic global investigation into how Christians respond to persecution. World-class scholars of global Christianity present first-hand research from most of the sites…. Religions are a problem for human rights, and human rights are a problem for religions.

And both are problems for courts. This book presents an interpretation of how religion and human rights interrelate in the legal context, and how this relationship might be reconceived to make this relationship somewhat less fraught. The greatly expanded 2nd edition — 19 sections increasing to 37 — was completed in and appeared in early The work has proceeded under the supervision of Robert T.

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Smith and W. Wehrey Columbia University Press Paperback. Beginning with the invasion of Iraq and concluding with the aftermath of the Arab uprisings, Frederic M. Interfaith initiatives reflect many social and religious ideals, but they respond above all to the cruel violence, tensions, and polarization of our times.

Interfaith efforts seek immediate action to confront threats and they address root causes…. This volume of Annotated Legal Documents on Islam in Europe covers Switzerland and consists of an annotated collection of legal documents affecting the status of Islam and Muslims. The legal texts are published in the original German, French and Italian language while the annotations and supporting material are in English. By legal documents are….

Under what circumstances…. Robert F. Cochran and Zachary R. Calo Cambridge University Press Academic This book brings together leading scholars from a variety of disciplines to address that question. Scholars have given surprisingly little attention to assessing….

Dr. Kyriaki Topidi

The tension between blasphemy laws and the freedom of expression in modern times is a key area of debate within legal academia and beyond. With contributions by leading scholars, this volume compares blasphemy laws within a number of Western liberal democracies and debates the legitimacy…. This book contributes to the literature on jurisprudence and theology by arguing for the role of a theoretically robust Christian theology in a legal community dominated by secular and liberal ideology.

It is not a doctrinal or empirical analysis, but a theoretical exposition of the way in which modern law has contingently drifted from its theological origins. Increasingly, the modern neo-liberal world marginalises any notion of religion or spirituality, leaving little or no room for the sacred in the public sphere. While this process advances, the conservative and harmful behaviours associated with some religions and their adherents exacerbate this marginalisation by driving out those who remain…. The Muslim world has often been accused of a failure to modernise, reform and adapt.

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But, from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day, Islamic society in its Middle Eastern heartlands has in fact been transformed by modern ideals and practices…. Under the influence of the global spread of human rights, legal disputes are increasingly framed in human rights terms.

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Parties to a legal dispute can often invoke human rights norms in support of their competing claims. Yet, when confronted with cases in which human rights conflict, judges face a dilemma. They have to make difficult choices between superior norms that deserve equal…. This book explores the notion of the collective dimension of freedom of religion or belief with a view to advance the protection of this right. The book considers…. Christian Green, T. African Sun Media, May Security is a key topic of our time. But how do we understand it? Do law and religion take different views of it?

In this fifth volume in the Law and Religion in Africa series, radicalisation, terrorism, blasphemy, hate speech, religious freedom and just war theories rub shoulders with issues of witchcraft, female genital…. Article From Rhetoric to Reality is a timely report. In the intervening years, violations of the right to freedom of religion or belief FoRB have not diminished, and discrimination and persecution in the….

Cambridge Universtiy Press Historically, natural law has played a pivotal role in Christian approaches to the law, and a contested role in legal philosophy generally. However, comparative study of natural law across global Christian traditions is largely neglected. This book provides not only the history of natural law ideas across mainstream Christian traditions worldwide, but also…. Benson and Barry W. Bussey LexisNexis Canada In recent years, law and religion scholarship in Canada has grown significantly. This distinctive collection of 18 papers addresses, from a variety of angles, the jurisdiction and the limits of law — an important but often overlooked aspect of settling the boundaries of church and state, religion and law.

The volume draws the insights…. Why has there been a human rights backlash in Russia despite the country having been part of the European human rights protection system since the late s? To what extent does Russia implement judgments of the Strasbourg Court, and to what extent does it resist the implementation?

Hauk Cambridge University Press The Western tradition has always cherished the family as an essential foundation of a just and orderly society, and thus accorded it special legal and religious protection. Zelinsky Oxford University Press Academic This book explores the rise of private arbitration in religious and other values-oriented communities, and it argues that secular societies should use secular legal frameworks to facilitate, enforce, and also regulate religious arbitration…. Tensions between religious freedom and equality law are newly strained in America.

As lawmakers work to protect LGBT citizens and women seeking reproductive freedom, religious traditionalists assert their right to dissent from what they see as a new liberal orthodoxy. Some religious advocates are going further and expressing…. Strong Cambridge University Press Religious liberties are at the centre of many debates on how liberal democratic societies can accommodate diversity. This book considers the interaction between law and religion from a broad international, comparative and jurisprudential perspective and proposes a new theoretical approach to religious liberty that both transcends and transforms….

Stijn Smet and Eva Brems, eds.

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Oxford University Press Introducing undergraduate students to Islamic law, this accessible textbook does not presume legal or technical knowledge. Drawing on a comparative approach, it encourages students to think through the issues of the application of Islamic law where Muslims live as a majority and where they live as a minority,…. This book explores the philosophy of love through the thought and life of Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph.

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Readers of the Talmud are introduced to Rabbi Akiva through the iconic story of his love for his wife Rachel. From this starting point, Naftali Rothenberg conducts a thorough examination of the harmonious approach to love in the obstacle-laden context…. After Sir Isaac Newton revealed his discovery that white light was compounded of more basic colored rays, he was hailed as a genius and became an instant international celebrity.

An interdisciplinary enthusiast and intellectual giant in a number of disciplines, Newton published revolutionary, field-defining works that reached across the scientific spectrum, including the Principia Mathematica and Opticks. His renown opened doors for him throughout…. Christianity and Freedom: Volume 1. Hertzke, eds. Cambridge University Press paperback. In Volume 1 of Christianity and Freedom , leading historians uncover the unappreciated role of Christianity in the development of basic human rights and freedoms from antiquity through today.

These include radical notions of dignity and equality, religious freedom, liberty of conscience, limited government, consent of the governed, economic liberty, autonomous civil society, and church-state separation, as well as more recent advances in democracy…. Christianity and Freedom: Volume 2.

Contemporary Perspectives Allen D.