It Can Be Morning in America Again!

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Reagan passed his economic agenda — including his tax reforms — through a Democratic-controlled legislature. Unwilling or unable to reach compromise, future presidents will be increasingly tempted, like Obama, to resort to executive fiat to implement their policies. And the measure of a politician is how quickly or thoroughly he can take advantage of temporary majorities or favorable courts to force permanent or near-permanent change on the temporary minority.

We believe different things now, and live different lives. But the kind of renewal and unity our nation experienced in is beyond our political reach. Instead, now is the time for mourning in America. Reagan helped unleash the enormous human capital of the American nation. In , America not only had a new leader, it possessed a people who were ready, willing, and able to shed the burden of bad leadership and unite behind a common vision. In , our leaders are different, our people are different, and our loss of national character has become the greatest burden of all.

"Morning in America" []

Roman Genn Reagan led a healthy society; ours is fragmented and decaying. In This Issue Articles. By David French. Reagan led a healthy society; ours is fragmented and decaying.

Mourning in America

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Hal Riney's "Morning In America" (1984) Ronald Reagan Campaign Ads - Art & Copy Documentary (2009)

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Still mired in campaign rhetoric

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The winning slogan from every US presidential campaign since 1948

By Andrew C. To begin with, he recited a parody of the conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that was so absurd, By Kyle Smith. By Katherine Timpf. No, I am not exaggerating. Charlie Crist speculated last month that a Carter-esque loss "may happen again," and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has predicted that a Republican resurgence -- like the one he led in the mid '90s -- could be just around the corner.

The comparison to Carter, Gergen said, is more of a danger sign for Obama than it is a reality because it shows how the storyline has changed. When Obama first came into office, observers likened him to some of the most successful presidents in U. Now, Obama's also being compared to a president who didn't live up to expectations. The Carter comparison shows how much polarization has occurred in the country since the election, Gergen said. Under Carter, there was also a sense of polarization -- but it was in the president's party.

The liberal wing of the Democrats felt abandoned to the point that Sen. Edward Kennedy, one of the top liberals in Congress, challenged Carter in his re-election bid. Kennedy came up short, but his bid severely weakened Carter and contributed to his eventual defeat in the election to Reagan, Riley said. While the similarities are not lost on Riley, what's more telling is the "most important mistake that [Obama] didn't make. When Carter took office, there were Democrats with executive branch experience available, but he didn't want to use them.

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Obama, however, stacked his bench with pros from the Clinton administration. He brought in some advisers from Chicago, Illinois, some from Washington and others such as Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel with deep ties to both places.

That move was critical, Riley said, "because if you've got seasoned people in these positions, they're much more likely to make adjustments and to know Capitol Hill in a way that will allow them to weather the kinds of problems that were common to both Carter and Obama.

John Geer, a Vanderbilt University political scientist, said the comparisons to Carter are weak. Most first-term presidents get a second term," he said, adding that it's especially rare since Carter's term came on the heels of previous Republican rule. President George H. Bush also served one term, but it came after eight years of Republican control of the White House.

The more analogous comparison so far, Geer said, is to Reagan , who also entered the White House with a full plate of foreign policy problems -- mostly surrounding the Cold War -- and a major economic crisis at hand. Reagan was a gifted politician, Geer said.