How To Have More Faith In God Even If It Seems The Deck Has Been Stacked Against You!

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Instead of succumbing and capitulating to the heartbreaking circumstances, they do the exact opposite. For those readers who may be seeking an inspirational read which explores the power of love and faith… this could very well be the book for you! The main body of the memoir is focused upon the trials and tribulations of the author, Aimee Cabo Nikolov.

She shares the main events of her life in a frank, open and very intense fashion. It is a graphic and raw account of her life which is seen through her own eyes. The memoir opens on a highly-spirited note as Aimee meets her eventual husband while on a holiday. He is the epitome of everything which the other significant males in her life have not been to this point…kind, understanding and respectful. This loving relationship is juxtaposed with the dark and horrific reality of her past.

Having experienced childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather and the other various men in her life, Aimee finds herself fighting her parents in a highly publicized court battle. Denying all culpability, her parents try everything they can to depict Aimee as troubled and unstable. This is truly the nightmare of any abuse survivor as Aimee is virtually forced to relive her tortuous experiences. Nevertheless, her difficulties do not end there. She also had to manage poverty, drug addiction, abuse and a very nasty custody battle over her daughter with an estranged ex-husband.

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Add to all of this the fact that Aimee had to work as an escort to survive, and almost saw her daughter murdered by a tenant, and you are able to perceive the true depth and appalling nature of the obstacles she has struggled to overcome. The question which then arises is how can one person possibly hope to survive such struggles and persevere through what appear to be insurmountable odds?

In truth, that is really what this memoir is all about. Throughout all of the turmoil which Aimee had to endure, it has been her faith in God which has seen her through. That has been the great equalizer. As an illustration of the true depth of her belief, each chapter in the book begins with a prayer.

This certainly helps the reader understand how someone can undergo such a tragic and excruciatingly painful experience and still be able to see the positive and beauty in life. This is a very powerful message which will certainly resonate with the vast majority of readers. The writing in the book is also quite crisp and clear. Apart from the actual subject matter, it is a relatively easy read as the ideas flow into one another quite well.

There is also a great balance of despair and faith. This balance works exceedingly well and helps to keep the reader glued to the pages. It could certainly be argued that this in turn generates somewhat flat and unreliable characters. I believe this to be exceptionally well done in this book as it all appears to be authentic, genuine and quite raw. Aimee Cabo Nikolov did not hold anything back in this book! Her story of abuse, drugs, poverty and neglect is sadly one that happens all too often in our world today. As a former psychologist, this unbelievable horror, even for me, was unfathomable.

I applaud the author for having the strength to share her story so others might find their own strength to go on, and also for utilizing her faith to eventually find love and hope. Her mother denied any abuse emotional, verbal, physical or sexual by her or her husband. Readers will be stunned at how easily family members turned against Aimee and her sister Michelle. In one foster home, the husband, a detective, raped her while his wife was out of the house. My daughter lived in an abusive relationship like this for seven years, and like many readers, I asked, why?

There is no one answer to that question. Abusers are very cunning. I am truly amazed at how well Aimee was able to survive mentally and physically with all she endured. This devastating true story is very graphic, so I do caution readers early on. Each chapter begins with a prayer which shows the love and strength she has in her faith.

Blind Faith

I chose to read this book a little at a time, as I found it to be overwhelming to read all at once. The author has written with honesty and passion, and above all else, has given readers hope if they or someone they know is experiencing this type of situation. Her story educates readers about abuse and family neglect and is truly inspirational.

Hopefully, it will provide readers with a better insight into those who are in this position and how, most of all, we should not judge. After a lifetime of horrific abuse, Aimee Cabo Nikilov proves that faith can sustain you and love truly conquers all in her compelling memoir Love is the Answer, God is the Cure.

As a small child, Aimee was regularly molested by her stepfather while her mother was working. At 15, she finally sought help from authorities—a decision that tore apart her family, resulted in a rather high-profile custody case, and permanently estranged her from her mother.

In foster care, while living on the streets, and eventually as a young single mother, trouble seemed to stalk Aimee as she was repeatedly raped by various men. In shocking detail, Cabo chronicles how she fell prey to more than her fair share of misfortune: In addition to rape, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, forced abortion, manipulation, betrayal, and abandonment left her scarred and suffering from a form of PTSD.

Like threads of gold woven into a black canvas, Cabo inserts Bible scriptures and prayers throughout her troubling memoir. These uplifting words stand in stark contrast against cruel events and take readers on an emotional literary journey that mirrors Cabo life.

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Although inspirational and religious in nature, Aimee's writing is not for the faint-hearted. Her unashamed use of expletives in the dialogue and vivid descriptions of how she was sexually molested and raped may be deemed inappropriate for the Christian genre. However, Cabo's bare-all style gives the wild events of her life authenticity, while her positive attitude endears her to readers.

Anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind, or walked even a moment in similar shoes, will find inspiration in these pages, and hope that love and truth will ultimately prevail. She could not bear it any longer. The beatings, the violations of her body, it all had to stop.

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Her older sister, Michelle, was her only hope. She would have to beg Michelle to take her away from this madness for good.

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  4. Aimee met the man of her dreams and fell in love on a relaxing vacation in the Dominican Republic. Bobby was kind, gentle, a doctor. Aimee hoped to marry a doctor. Still, it was only fair for Aimee to let Dr. Boris Nikolov know what he was getting himself into with her.

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    If he could love her after learning about her past, he would be a keeper. The only place to start was at the beginning. The molestation began when Aimee was seven, and her step-father began to regularly rape her when she was twelve. She came home to check on her younger siblings and was horrified to find out that Andreas was not only molesting Aimee, but he was violating her to the worst possible degree. Michelle and Aimee could not trust their mother. She had protected her husband in the past. Now, to save themselves and their siblings, the two sisters begin an emotional and legal battle against the two people who were supposed to keep them safe.

    To be perfectly honest, I became somewhat obsessed with this story for days. This family was prominently featured in local Miami, and at times, national news for almost thirty years. Not only did I read this book, I read as many news articles that I could find about Aimee and her family.

    She has endured unimaginable pain and devastation but maintains a strong sense of faith and optimism. This is an engaging story and a thrilling read. This book is skillfully written and organized.

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    There were a few minor grammar and editing errors, but these did not cause a distraction. I recommend this book to non-fiction readers who enjoy intense memoirs. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. This is a well-written and well-organized book. This memoir highlights the importance of true love and the power of faith. Aimee Cabo's complex, searching memoir details the severe abuse and trauma which impacted the trajectory of her life. It is also a cathartic account of the faith she holds steadfastly to for survival and how her belief in God enables her to transcend the darkness.

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    It is a familiar place for them both. It is also where the author meets her future husband, Dr. Boris, a Bulgarian man working there as a resort doctor.