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Kind of an obvious one to miss, yes? Particularly if you know such a thing exists. Lessee, you have how many deaths, all right around times when revolutionaries are doing big things that people hate? And you know that big magic was cast each time. And you have even surmised that some kind of compulsion magic was being used and you somehow fail to think "oh, hey, maybe someone wants the revolutionaries to look bad. That was practically screaming "I'm a significant coincidence" from the start of the story. Finally, I have a really hard time with Ethan's interactions with Sephira Price.

She beats Ethan, steals from him, repeatedly threatens to kill him and at one point actually gives the order for her people to pull the trigger. She is, frankly, actually evil and his outright enemy.

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This is way beyond rivalry. She is a direct, existential threat. And yet Ethan ignores her throughout the story, even though she has to be in league with the bad guy and know who he is. It makes no sense that he is ignoring her. He should have been dogging her every way he could think to. That he couldn't think of a way is just further proof of his unmitigated stupidity. The last straw was in the end, when she comes to the inn and makes empty threats and leaves. And Ethan seems to think everything is hunky-dorey. I don't know about you, but she seems kinda like the type to hold a grudge.

Or even an irrational blinding hatred. That Ethan isn't making plans to end her as a threat I don't mean necessarily killing her. Killing her is only the sloppiest way he could do so is all the proof you need that he is a complete, blithering idiot. So anyway, it's an evocative time and place. There are revolutionaries and Tories and sympathetic representatives on either side. And a magic system that is fascinating and that I was eager to explore. There are a lot of things that should have been entertaining View all 8 comments. May 31, Faith Hunter rated it it was amazing.

This is one of those times that I need a sixth star. Thieftaker is one of the best debut books I have ever read. Jackson did a masterful job. It's like a modern urban fantasy set in an alternate history where magic is real. I have known this author writing under another name in the p This is one of those times that I need a sixth star.

I have known this author writing under another name in the past, and this is the first book of his I've ever reviewed.

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If you haven't reserved or preordered your copy, better go ahead. It will be swept off the shelves on release day. Just sayn' View all 5 comments. Aug 04, Gail rated it did not like it. Stupid book. I can't even finish it. Boston, Our hero, after a beating that would put the rest of us in intensive care, dashes out into the night to solve a murder, nimble as Batman, except for his aching knees when he crouches down to talk to a kid in the street.

He's not as young as he used to be, you see. Upon returning home, he locks the door in case his attackers decide to return and props a chair under the doorKNOB for good measure. When that doesn't sound quite right, a quick Google Stupid book. When that doesn't sound quite right, a quick Google search will tell the suffering reader that the invention of the doorknob was patented in Tear the book cover off, throw the rest away, and make up your own story about the hot guy in the tricorn hat.

King's Cage Red Queen #3 by Victoria Aveyard Audiobook Full 2/2

Oct 11, D. This is my first historical fantasy, the initial volume in my Thieftaker Chronicles. I hope you enjoy it. If you're interested in checking out the first three chapters for free and who doesn't love free stuff? Oh, and as for the "Currently Reading" status on my own book, I've still got copyedits and proofs to get through, so technically speaking, I am still reading it. Jun 06, Kara-karina rated it it was amazing.

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I enjoyed it immensely. Full of rich, well-rounded characters, extremely atmospheric and just riveting. I loved Ethan Kaille. He is in his late thirties, tired, wise and bedraggled. In his y 4. In his young years he got involved in a riot and had been sent to Barbados for more than 10 years to an absolute hell of a prison on plantation where he had to do everything in his power to hide that he is a natural-born conjurer.


Now he is settled in Boston and making a living by finding stolen goods and catching thieves for middle-class clients. Another thieftaker, a dangerous criminal, Queen of the South End, Sephira Pryce has her pick of rich and powerful clients and Ethan tries hard not to cross her way.

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Only when a young girl is found dead on the street without a mark on her, her powerful family goes to Ethan and ask him to recover brooch stolen from her body in hopes that he would lead them to the identity of the killer. Ethan doesn't want to take the job, doesn't want to come to an attention of vicious Miss Pryce but when he sees the body he knows that another conjurer murdered the girl by a powerful spell, and he needs to be stopped.

Thus starts his extremely dangerous journey, full of political intrigue, powerful magic, cruel enemies, and all of this in a country on the verge of revolution where a conjurer can still get hanged as a witch. The conflict between Ethan and an evil conjurer is intense, there are a lot of enemies and constant danger of dying, which keep you on the edge of your seat through the whole book. Ethan is absolutely lovely and so very alive, like one of those lone rangers in old westerns.

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He is lonely and scarred and kind. He's got friends and a woman, Kannice, who love him and who can be used in a game against him, and he is desperate to keep all of them safe. I do love this one-man-battle-against-all-odds type of book or movie, and with Ethan you don't really know until the very end if he wins or not you know he will, because that's how the book is supposed to end, but try telling this to your heart which still goes to him.

I would recommend the book to all fans of Diana Gabaldon, because the period and the atmosphere reminded me of her books quite a bit. View 2 comments.

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Mar 09, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: best-books-i-have-read A very well written historical fantasy, well reseached history of the era concerned. View 1 comment. Jul 18, E. Carmel rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , historical. I'm always looking for fantasy novels set in different times and places than the traditional medieval European setting. Thieftaker by D.

Jackson goes one further: it's historical fantasy, set in colonial Boston. While I'm a history lover, I prefer it ancient, and my memories of s America involve memorizing boring dates and events while chained to a school desk. However, I'm very happy to say this novel isn't like that — at all. Ethan Kaille isn't a typical thieftaker, making his living app I'm always looking for fantasy novels set in different times and places than the traditional medieval European setting.